Bloggers need plug-ins. If you are a blogger and your blog is being managed on WordPress, then you should also install plugins to facilitate your work as a blogger. If you intend to make real money from your blogging career, you need to be efficient and good at your game. Plug-ins make your life as a Blogger very easy. There are so many WordPress plug-ins available out there that can help you to blog more easily. In this article, we will be looking at the top ten best plug-ins that you can implement into your blog whether you are just a beginning blogger or a webmaster. These plugins are useful to everyone regardless of their level in the blogging ladder. All of these plug-ins listed below are free and don’t cost a dime. All you need to do is to download and install them! Alright…

Let’s get to it. Below are our top 10 best plug-ins selected for you to download and install as a serious blogger!

1. Yoast SEO Plug-in.

This plug-in is important for every WordPress user, blogger and webmaster. Yoast SEO is trusted by lots of people. It effectively helps you to build sustainable SEO, makes your content both SEO friendly and user friendly. It helps you to make sure that the keyword for your content has been added to the image ALT tags, meta descriptions and every where necessary on your content page. Yoast SEO Plug-in is a must have for every serious WordPress blogger. 

2. Simple Share Buttons Adder.

Another important plug-in you should have on your website is the Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin. You should go on to install this very useful WordPress plugin instantly. It is an effective way to help you to add social media sharing icons to your blog. Social media helps you to boost web traffic, promotes the visibility of your blog and as a result, helps you to rank better in search engines. So why would you not want to rush over to download this very useful blogging plug-in?

3. Fancier Author Box. 
You should let your audience know more about you and they should know which author wrote which particular post on your blog. This will directly help to build reader engagement with your website and will also encourage membership with your blog. It is not very attractive for a reader to read a blog if they can’t relate to the article author. This plug-in created by Thematosoup, is free and is very highly rated. It has a whooping 4.8 stars out of 5 stars in rating. It is by far the best Author box for any WordPress website. It allows you to have the job title description, your social media accounts’ links and so on, all in one Author box! You’ll also get to modify how it appears. 

4. Google Analytics for WordPress.
As a website owner, it is important to know the metrics of your website. Users metrics like, how much time your users spend on your website, how many clicks you receive in a day, your users’ demographics and location and so on. Google Analytics is hands-down the best analytics plug-in for your WordPress website that you should go on to install now! This statistical tool helps you to understand your audience very well and how they interact with your website. It’s a great way to boost website traffic too. 

5. iThemes Security.
Another necessary plug-in for your website is iThemes Security plug-in. Your website needs to be secure. Dangers posed to your website could mean that you will lose all of your valuable content. This plug-in protects and defends your WordPress website from hackers online. It will help to fix common problems that your WordPress blog encounters that you are probably not aware of. Visit to download and install this plug-in. 

6. VaultPress.
VaultPress is another free WordPress plug-in that helps you to automatically backup your WordPress website in case of any future problems that could happen. VaultPress is a security oriented plug-in and is essential for the safety of your blog. It helps you to restore your website content in “seconds” if any mishap happens. It is a really smart move to back up your website regularly so that you don’t lose your website to Cyber attacks and Cyber related problems. 

7. User Registration Plugin. 
This is another Plugin that you definitely want to have. This is a drag and drop registration plug-in that helps your users to register on your website easily. It aids user registration and aids the ease of use of a website.

8. Google XML Sitemaps. 
You need a Sitemap for your website to allow search engines to easily crawl and index all the pages of your website with ease. Using Google’s XML Sitemaps plug-in allows search engine bots to see the whole map of your website and hence be able to effectively index all the pages. 

9. All in one’s Rich Snippets. 
Snippets are stuffs like star ratings, images, numbers of reviews that a website has, that you see below some pages in search results. This Snippet plug-in from helps you to add awesome snippets like Star ratings and images to the pages of a website in search results. 

10. MailChimp for WordPress.
This popular email marketing platform is a must have for webmasters and website owners. It helps you to do the Email marketing aspects of your online business. It manages subscribers list, helps you to engage with them through Email, it helps you to craft beautiful email messages to your subscribers and build membership and trust to your blog.

Wrapping it up. 
Above we hand-picked and listed the top 10 best WordPress plugins for bloggers, webmasters and beginners. Whichever plug-in you are interested in installing, just do your research to find out more on them. You should also find out how to download and install them. And for the most part, you are one click away from installing these awesome plugins to your website. 

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